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Digital Doors has put together a team of the very best talent to help you grow your sales. We are passionate about CRM, and we love Pipedrive. Let us tell you why we think the Pipedrive CRM system is the best option for most businesses.

Official Pipedrive Partner for Ireland and Great Britain

Why Do Our Clients Use Pipedrive CRM?​

There are a host of benefits in using a Sales CRM system, but we find our clients appreciate three main benefits quite quickly after adopting a Sales CRM system, or migrating to an easy to use system like Pipedrive.

Automate repetitive tasks, use templated and customised emails, and utilise the best sales pipeline management system available

Pipedrive allows your sales team to manage dramatically more active leads than a paper or spreadsheet based system. In some cases as many as 10 times as many leads as they were managing previously.

Respond to those leads that offer the best opportunity of a sale.

Pipedrive can qualify and prioritise leads so that you users aren’t distracted with clutter, but pay attention to those leads that are most likely to produce revenue, and close sooner.

Use the sophisticated dashboards and reports to actively manage your team, generate accurate predictions, and correct poor performance.

Poor sales management is often the underlying reason for poor sales team performance. Pipedrive has a suite of powerful and accurate tools that allows for effective team management without requiring undue time investment.


Companies Using Pipedrive


179 Countries

€75 B

Worth of Closed Deals

How it works in 60 seconds …

Give your team the tools to fulfil their potential. Give them Pipedrive CRM.

If you would like to try Pipedrive for 30 days, no obligation, no credit card required, please click the Trial below. If you would like a demo of Pipedrive, choose the Demo, and if you wish to discuss any other issues contact our engineering team.

Pipedrive is a game changer. It enables the sales team to smash the targets. Digital Doors is the perfect partner to make it all work seamlessly.
Colin Murphy
CEO, Premier Publishing & Events

Work anywhere, anytime

Android and iOS apps turn your Pipedrive sales hub into a mobile CRM that keeps all of your leads, contacts and deals at the tips of your fingers.

  • Access all information from anywhere, anytime
  • Take notes while on the go, during a call or a meeting
  • Make calls directly from the app and automatically track them in Pipedrive
  • Schedule activities wherever you are, even when offline
  • Use the search option to recap before a follow-up
  • Plan your day with the Focus View to zero in on the most pressing tasks
  • Snap a picture with your phone and add it to a deal or contact